September 29, 2005

Mystic Mountains

Ayyyeee. I survived the Mountains of Doom and have many a tale to tell.

This picture was taken shortly before the sun went down, leaving me stranded at 2600 metres above the level of the sea, with no path and only half a litre of water and my head-torch to see me down. I wasn't to know this, but it would be another 7 hours of scrambling through the dark and the fog before I would rest me weary legs. In between were treacherous gullies, deadly loose scree, raging mountain torrents, collapsing boulders and and evil fog that reduced visibility to about 5 metres!

It's a harrowing tale. I might even tell it someday, when the nightmares have stopped .....


Blogger Acucobol said...

Nice picture. The people of the world need to hear this story. When is the lecture tour?

6:26 pm  

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