November 02, 2005


Man, i'm bored.

And I'm suffering from PISTD - Post I.T. Stress Trauma Disorder.

I am thinking that maybe i should sue my former employers. I said to them time and time again that i was no good with computers and they just wouldn't listen to me. They must have thought i was being modest ... but i wasn't, i'm crap and i just couldn't be arsed. So they made me try different I.T. jobs, deliberately putting me under stress until i quit - and now I'm PISTD.

I blame most of it on one manager, we'll call him Dwain Kelly to hide his identity. I asked him could I transfer to the human resources department but he wouldn't let me go. I said to him, "but it's all girls up there - surely they need a male perspective ..?", and again he shot me down. So i spent the rest of my days stress-testing the company's link to the internet ... wheeee!

So a message to all you egg-heads out there. Stay away from I.T ! Human resources is the way to go !


Blogger Acucobol said...

Man, sounds like you had a bad experience there. Lucky escape I reckon. I think you should go for a beer with you old pal Sean. His pearls of widsom over a couple of pints could turn your life around.

5:14 pm  

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