December 07, 2005

Homeless Bob

Every once in a while, this guy knocks on our door looking for a place to sleep. We don't know much about him, but he's always drunk when he arrives. We reckon he must be a homeless person and so we call him Homeless Bob.

Especially around Christmas, we think it's important to help people like Homeless Bob so we let him sleep in our spare room. He is never there in the morning though. He lets himself out to go rummaging in bins, i suppose.

So please spare a thought for Bob if you see him over the festive season. Give him a few coins or a blanket to keep himself warm. But whatever you do don't give him any fuckin' beer or he'll turn up at our house again !!!


Blogger Acucobol said...

Glad to see you are so willing to help the homeless. So few are so you should be applauded. I think you should go for a few beers with your old friend Sean and discuss your charity work. I am sure he would be very interested in participating. Maybe a sponsered bar crawl and sleep over. To experience it first hand?

2:08 pm  
Blogger olivia said...

So sweet! I love that picture - he looks happier than a piggy in a blanket.

I found it while looking for information about Homeless Bob after listening to a show on This American Life.

12:53 am  

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