August 13, 2006

Pay Day

Phew! I've just sweated and toiled through four months at my old workplace of Moregrief-Handsdown, the premier stockbroking company in the UK. Just my luck we happened to have three bloody heatwaves while I was there, ... and no air-conditioning.

Still, it was worth it in the end coz I made myself a cool £40,000 while I was there. And to think it used to take me a whole year to earn nearly that amount.

Shame I didn't get a few more months out of it, even a year. Heck, that would've put me in the same bracket as Dwayne Kelly. Now there's a thought ...


Blogger Acucobol said...

never updated. worst blog eva. E-----

10:47 pm  
Blogger Paul said...

Have you not seen ? That's updated less frequently than my blog.

Or try ...
Possibly the most boring page on the web, and never updated. Some people say it's only there coz nothing ever grows old on the web.

8:49 pm  
Blogger acucobol said...

never updated. worst blog eva. E-----

11:55 pm  

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