December 01, 2005

Button moon

Damn it! I seem to have become addicted to Cadburys Giant Buttons.

I tried to wean myself off them a few days ago by trying a packet of smaller buttons but it didn't work. Guess I'm going to have to treat it like any other addiction and check myself into the Priory Clinic for a few weeks.


Blogger Acucobol said...

I would be far more fearful of the Radiohead cd. Chocolate Giant Buttons and Radiohead, is a dangerous mix alright. I think you should go for a beer with your old friend Sean and see if you find a strategy to overcome this sad affliction of yours.

4:37 am  
Blogger xtrailz said...

What's all this business about going for a beer with Sean ?!
I invited him out last week and he wouldn't go. And to top it all he's moving to the 4th dullest town in Britain very soon. Looks like his drinking days are over.

1:47 am  

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