December 21, 2005

Xmas Bloody Xmas

Xmas eh? It hasn't arrived yet and I'm already tired of it. Same every year.

Normally around this time I'm getting ready to go away somewhere but this year is an exception - I'm going home. Now I'm not going to tell you where that is, I don't need you blog-fans tracking me down looking for autographs and stuff.

Five years ago I was in India, and the dodgy geezer above was trying to flog me a camel after letting me take it for a test-drive. I'd love to go back there but my blog-fans are a bit of a tight bunch and havn't been contributing to the Send-Xtrailz-To-A-Faraway-Place-Fund. It's shocking really! - page upon page of light entertainment and not a penny has been received. So come on you freeloading b*stards - dig in. Give a little - it would help a lot .....


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